What’s the Difference?

Full, mini, limited-edition…. What does this mean? WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Being a client is sometimes confusing by all the different terms, and the fact that so many photographers use them means there is usually confusion. In this post, I will explain some differences for how I do my sessions.


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Some synonyms for mini are little, petite, small, tiny, etc. and that’s exactly what those sessions are! A (insert synonym here) version of a full session with less time, less photos, & a lesser price. Most mini sets are usually created around a specific holiday or theme and are meant more for snapshot sharing than anything super wall-worthy to hang year-round.

On the other hand, limited-edition sets have the goal to offer a truly one-of-a-kind memory for you to display forever! These unique sets or themes are often ideas I’ve had awhile and are a great way for me to express my creativity while giving my clients something different. There is lesser time and poses involved but may have more extensive editing depending on the subject matter.

Full session experiences are different as they are tailored to what you want out of a session. We meet for an initial consultation where we discuss what you want out of the session, outfits, backdrops, poses, etc. We spend more time together and meet again to go over your custom portrait order.


Here are some other differences between the sessions…

    up to 15 minutes with little to no editing
    specific date/timeslots
    photographer-designed custom set (usually holiday-based)
    basic pricelist with online ordering only


    up to 30 minutes with basic to full editing
    specific date/timeslots
    photographer-designed custom set or theme
    standard pricelist with same day viewing & online ordering


    up to 60 minutes with full editing (unless newborn/senior)
    standard pricelist with ordering appointment
    planning consultation included
    session is customized to YOU



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